the beginning

Launching as the Cambridge Coffee Company in Hills Road in 2001 in the back of a bike shop with just one member of staff, we quickly expanded into the bike shop and added a further three stores.
Then in 2007 we decided to break from the high street to concentrate on the leisure, outdoor market, we sold the Cambridge Coffee Company and formed AE Catering Limited, named after our children Alfie & Esme (luckily our third child is named Ava Effie).

Where we are at now

We currently have 9 cafés, a 2016 rebrand to the trading name of Grounds Cafés finally linked all the sites together. Our company kitchen is based in Cambridge, where our chefs prepare homemade cakes, homemade soups for our sites and also our fantastic Grounds gelato, a definite must if you are a visitor at any time of the year.

Our initiatives

Here at Grounds we are always moving towards a more sustainable business and to work hard to close the loop on recycling. The coffee you buy produces a lot of waste however, at Grounds instead of throwing it away we recycle the coffee by sending it to BioBean Ltd who create ‘coffee logs’. These are burnable logs that will fuel our wood burners; you can also buy these at all of our sites to fuel your own. We also have our own company kitchen where we make all of our homemade gelato the machines we use to make it are powered by the sun from our solar panels on our roof!

the future

We will continue to combine our passion for coffee, food, gelato & great service to bring the high-street café experience to the great outdoors.
We are looking to bring the Grounds brand to even more coffee lovers and fans of outdoor adventure, watch this space.

Love the balcony very much. Quiet, peaceful and beautiful view of the lake. You can have your coffee and meal in the balcony or inside the cafe.

Jan - Google reviews local guide

nice ground coffee for myself and ice-cream and juice for my daughter just after a lovely country walk, cost was £8.65 at the moment it's take away only but there is a seating area with social distancing measures in place.

Mike Thomas - Google reviews local guide

Cosy place during winter with the fireplace, beautiful alfresco place during summer. Coffee is nice, food and cakes are nice too. Soup is usually excellent. Ice cream perfect.

Zsana Kantor - Google reviews local guide