The Great Coffee Debate: Light Roast Vs Dark Roast Coffee

The world of coffee is a complicated one. It can be quite daunting to someone who is looking to enjoy the vast world of coffee drinking. There are a lot of things to know. One of these things is whether one should drink light roast coffee or dark roast coffee. You might be saying, “Grounds […]

A Roastery in the Woods

Roasting Machine

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][edgtf_elements_holder][edgtf_elements_holder_item target=”_self”][vc_column_text] With 8 cafes we have decided it is time to start roasting our own coffee! We are incredibly excited about this.  Although we love our signature blend, we will soon have the opportunity to refine this further, to work with exciting new coffees, and offer our very own carefully chosen range of single […]

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