Cold Blended

Fruit Smoothies

Our fruit smoothies are made with 100% fruit or veg blended with apple juice. We have all sorts of wonderful flavours, such as Brocolli and the Beast, & Berry Go Round. Ask for this healthy option and have 2.5 of your 5 a day.


With the variety of gelato flavours that we offer, you may find it hard to choose. Pick any flavour from our gelato range we blend with milk and then just add cream to make it the perfect shake!


Our frappes are smooth, thick and delicious. We just blend ice, milk, (and espresso, if required) with a scoop of your favourite frappe flavour – a caffeine hit without the heat!

Just Over Ice…

We offer a traditional unblended americano a mix of water and two shots of fresh espresso finished with ice and optional milk! Or try our iced latte made with one of our 4 milk options! Finish with a shot of flavoured syrup for added enjoyment!