Try All Three

Try All Three

Try them all selection come with 2 slices of American Brownies, our most indulgent brownie to date! Simplicity that holds its own, dusted with icing sugar.

Grounds Blend

  • Our signature house blend, a unique mixture of two very distinct single origin pure Arabica coffees, coming from Brazil and Columbia with tasting notes of milk chocolate, caramel and orange.

Decaf Coffee

  • The pure Organic Mexican Decaf Coffee from Grapos. Processed by the Swiss method with spring mountain water, it contains no chemicals and it is rich, full bodied and with tasting notes of chocolate, lemon and honey.

Single Origin

  • Single Origin offer from a farm in El Salvador, called Finca Palin. The variety is Bourbon, arabica bean, characterised with its deep chocolate flavour and balanced acidity.

Includes two free Brownies

£25.95 available on subscription

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Click here to read more about the origin of our signature coffee blend.
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