There are many coffee lovers out there and so many gift ideas for the coffee lover in your life! If you are in need of a gift for a coffee lover, you may be wondering what types of gifts to look for. Your first instinct may be specially roasted beans or coffee from their favourite shop with a sweet treat to go along with it. 


Grounds Cafe is the best spot to get your coffee-loving loved one the perfect gift. Here at Grounds Cafe, we provide a large assortment of the best gifts for coffee lovers! We have flavoursome coffee blends, scrumptious confections, and a large assortment of coffee accessories and merch. But the gift ideas don’t end there. Read on to learn more about 15 amazing gifts for those who love coffee!

15 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

It can be difficult to know what to get loved ones sometimes. Thankfully, if your loved one is a coffee fanatic, there are plenty of great gift ideas out there! Here, our experts at Grounds Cafe have curated this list of carefully selected gifts from our very own shop. Our edible products are all handmade, and our delicious coffees are locally roasted.


All of the items available at Grounds Cafe are of the highest quality, and here you can find the perfect gifts for the coffee enthusiasts in your life! The following list covers some of our best gift ideas for coffee lovers!

1. Grounds Blend Grounded Beans

A package of specialty blend coffee is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a gift for someone who likes coffee. If your friend or loved one enjoys coffee, then our ground coffee blend is the perfect gift!

At Grounds Cafe, our locally roasted ground coffee blend is an excellent choice for the coffee enthusiast in your life. This delicious ground coffee has notes of nutty chocolate, caramel, and peach. This coffee is sweet, aromatic, and tasty, and will be the perfect gift.

Ground beans

2.Grounds Blend Whole Bean

Does the coffee lover in your life prefer to grind their own coffee beans? Try buying them a package of our whole bean blend. This whole-bean blend has tantalising aromas of peanut and cocoa. When your loved one takes a sip, they will taste notes of nutty chocolate, caramel, and peach.

This blend of whole beans is sure to delight! Grind the beans at home for a fresh and delicious cup of coffee. This blend is the perfect gift for a coffee-loving friend.

grounds whole beans

3. Grounds Gift Cards

Not sure what to get a friend for their birthday? Are you worried you may spend time and money purchasing a gift they won’t like? Gift cards have long been the first choice of the unsure gift-giver!

Consider gifting them a Grounds Cafe gift card! With one of our gift cards, your coffeeholic friend can purchase a gift at our shop of their own choosing! Our gift cards can be loaded

 with different amounts, ranging from £15 to £200. Our gift cards can be spent in person at our shop or at our online store!

gift cards

4. Vegan Treat Box

Our Vegan Treat Box goes great with your coffee lover’s morning cup of joe. Our vegan treat box is a delightful assortment of delicious vegan treats. This gift package includes six slices of two flavours each, including chocolate brownies, fruit flapjacks, and raspberry-coconut slices. These fine handmade vegan treats are amazing! 

vegan treat box

5. Dog Parent Bundle

Our Dog Parent Bundle is the perfect gift for your favourite coffee-loving pet parent! This bundle includes handmade dog biscuits and a collapsible silicone dog bowl for a furry friend. It also comes with delicious wafers and a reusable coffee cup for the pet parent! This fun pet package is an awesome gift for the pet and java lover in your life! 

dog parent bundle

6. Sweet Treat Bundle

Does your coffee-loving friend love sweets, too? Consider getting them this Sweet Treat Bundle. This decadent package includes old-fashioned sweets, a gingerbread jack, and a pack of high-quality Marimba hot chocolate! This tasty bundle is sure to satisfy your friend’s sweet tooth and is a great deal!

sweet treat bundle

7. Coffee Lovers Bundle

At Grounds Cafe, our full flavoured coffee grounds are the perfect gift for the coffee fiend in your life. Consider purchasing our Coffee Lovers Bundle, which couples delicious ground coffee with our beautiful coffee mug and saucer. Gift your friend everything they need to enjoy a decadent cup of coffee in the comfort of their home. This gift is a stea!

coffee lovers bundle

8. Espresso Lovers Bundle

Our Espresso Lovers Bundle is perfect for those that prefer that shot of espresso a la carte or in their morning latte! This espresso package includes our tasty coffee blend paired with a fine espresso mug and saucer. With our Espresso Lovers Bundle, your loved one can enjoy a fresh cup of espresso any time they want! Available for in whole bean, ground, and even decaf!

espresso lover bundle

9. Brownie Box

Our handmade brownies are the perfect sweet treat to have with a cup of coffee! When you purchase our Brownie Box, you get three delectable flavours – Oreo, Peanut Butter, and American. Give the gift of delicious brownies to the coffee aficionado in your life!

brownie box

10.Millionaires Box

Our Millionaires Box is the ultimate gift for someone with a taste for sweets! This gift box comes with six slices of our handmade shortbread treats. The featured shortbread flavours include our Biscoff Millionaire, Mocha Millionaire, and White Chocolate Millionaire. These confections make the perfect snack to go along with a cup of coffee. This tasty gift box makes a fantastic gift for your loved ones!

millionaires box

11. Indulgence Box

This Indulgence Box features three different kinds of delicious sweet treats. First, Lemon & Ginger is a ginger biscuit with lemon frangipane. Next is our Bakewell, an almond frangipane with a tart layer of raspberry jam. Lastly is our Oreo brownie, a fudgy brownie full of crushed Oreos. This decadent mix of desserts perfectly compliments a hot cup of our amazing coffee. Purchase this wonderful gift box for your loved ones!

indulgence box

12. Eco-Glass Water Bottle

It is important for even the biggest coffee lovers to stay hydrated. Our Eco Glass Water Bottle is the perfect reusable water bottle. Made from hand-blown glass, this water bottle is eco-friendly, durable, and easy to hold and carry. It comes with a convenient hemp pouch for easy carrying. This bottle also comes with its own special cleaning brush. This Eco Glass Water Bottle is a great gift for anyone.

grounds water bottle

13. Reusable Coffee Cup

No list of gifts for coffee lovers would be complete without a reusable coffee cup! Our reusable coffee cup is the quintessential gift for a coffee fanatic or anyone who wants hot coffee on the go. Make your busy morning easier with this handy reusable cup. This coffee cup is 100% leak proof and made with 100% recycled products. This recyclable cup is harmful chemical free. This cup is suitably durable and can last for up to 10 years, and is conveniently dishwasher safe. It’s a great gift for anyone who likes coffee!

reusable coffee cup

14. Moka Pot

For those who are serious about their coffee, consider our high-quality Moka Pot. Moka is a delicious, strong coffee that is a favourite among true coffee connoisseurs. Our copper Moka pot is a wonderful gift for someone who loves making amazing Moka coffee at home. This pot makes delicious, strong Moka coffee. With this Moka pot, your loved one can brew an amazing cup of Moka coffee anytime they wish.

moka pot

15. Handheld Coffee Grinder

Many coffee drinkers prefer grinding their own coffee beans fresh at home. For the fresh-ground coffee lover, purchase our Handheld Coffee Grinder. This coffee grinder offers you the simplest way to grind your own whole beans for fresh coffee every day. Conveniently sized, this coffee bean grinder won’t take up too much space in your kitchen. Get this handy coffee grinder for your coffee-fanatic friends today!

hand held coffee grinder

The Best Gifts at Grounds Cafe

The above list includes some of the best gifts for coffee lovers out there! Give the gift of delicious coffee, sweet treats, or coffee accessories to the loved ones in your life who love coffee!


Why choose Grounds Cafe? Founded in 2001, our business is family-owned and operated. Grounds Cafe prides itself on offering only the finest coffee and sweet treats! Here at Grounds Cafe, we have only the best locally roasted coffee. We take pride in operating as waste-free as possible. We do all we can to reduce single-use waste, and all of our packaging is recyclable!

Thank for you for reading our article on the best gifts for coffee lovers. Visit Grounds Cafe today to get the best coffee and coffee-related gifts for your friends and loved ones! If you are short on time, visit our online shop to purchase a great present for your loved ones now!

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