Our panini are made with the traditional Italian bread and the sandwiches and toasties are made with the best British white and brown bread. To complement these delicious breads we offer more than twelve different delightful fillings from classic combinations to something more adventurous, all made to suit your taste and diet. Please talk to our staff as they will be delighted to make sure we get it just right for you.  Watch out for our special seasonal fillings too.


Our mouthwatering soups are homemade. They are hearty & scrumptious, carefully prepared to lock in all the wonderful flavours. With a wide choice of flavours that change daily, from the spicy sweetcorn and coconut milk through to the more traditional leek and potato, a great and healthy choice to warm you on a chilly day.


Just like our soups, these are homemade and carefully prepared from seasonal ingredients during the winter months to provide a warming and comforting option. Served with a warm baguette it makes for a filling lunch after adventures outdoors.


We have a delectable range of handmade cakes: from indulgent dark chocolate brownies, to tangy lemon and pistachio, perfect shortbread and energy packed flapjacks and gluten-free energy balls. Not just offering a broad selection of flavours & textures, we make sure that everyone has a treat no matter their dietary requirements.  We have plant-based, dairy free and gluten free. You can also try the artisan cookies and muffins for the ultimate indulgent café treat. Each site likes something different so visit a different site to try something new!


Gelato is softer, lower in fat & more intensely flavoured than regular ice cream, this is because gelato uses less cream and is churned at a much slower speed which introduces less air into the product giving it a dense, rich consistency. Gelato is best served at a slightly higher temperature than ice cream which ensures that is it perfectly soft when eaten.


Our gelato is made at our company kitchen on the outskirts of Cambridge, the machines that slowly churn the gelato to ensure a perfectly soft consistently are powered by the sun from the solar panels on our roof. All of the milk and cream used to make the Gelato are sourced from local businesses


Here at Grounds we now serve our own handmade Gelato with many delicious flavours like bubblegum, chocolate, vanilla, very berry, strawberry, mint choc chip, and salted caramel and many more. Look out for our summer and winter specials at all of our sites!


You will find our Gelato at our cafés served either in our own branded cones or in hand filled mini-tubs. We also offer a refreshing lemon sorbet for those who are dairy-free and creamy vegan chocolate gelato.


And little a treat for your pet? We have developed a dog treat gelato also served in mini tubs which contains real sausage meat and is lactose free.


We can’t guarantee any of our food is suitable for those with allergies due to a high risk of cross contamination.

Our Allergen Guides (available in each of our cafés) contain a list of all the products we sell in our shops, with the 14 declarable allergens listed along the top of the page for your reference. You will also find the declarable allergens listed on the product shelf tickets in our shops.

We freshly prepare food in our Company Kitchen and in our individual café kitchens each day, but as we use many ingredients and shared equipment cross contamination is managed but not to an allergen-free level. Therefore we can’t guarantee any of our food is suitable for those with allergies due to the high risk of cross contamination.

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